• Phishing Campaigns & Training
    In the modern IT threat landscape, the focus is increasingly on the end user. Phishing and other malicious email-based attacks are one of the leading causes of security breaches, theft of critical business data, theft of corporate revenue, and general disruption to core business operations. Computer Dojo partners with the industry’s best phishing training and assessment vendor to provide comprehensive testing and remediation of end user knowledge gaps and poor email security postures. We work with our clients to craft customized, business-relevant emails to ‘test’ users, catch compromising behavior, pinpoint areas of overall weakness, and then provide targeted and ongoing training to maximize the efficiency of the overall campaign. Our goal is to arm today’s workers with best-in-class knowledge and practices to ensure the security of their organization’s data, revenue, and operational efficiency is never compromised. Our services in this area have helped businesses of all sizes improve their security posture, and we have the results to prove it.